Porphyry Southtyrol


Porphyry is a natural stone whose beauty lies in its myriad shades of colour. The area where it is quarried, located between South Tyrol and Trentino, is known as the area’s “porphyry platform”. Vague and unique in their variations, the distinctive warm earthy colours make Porphyry a versatile choice for all needs and stylistic requirements.…

Lasa Marble

Lasa Marble is the South Tyrolean stone par excellence, valued and sought-after the world over for its unique characteristics. This very hard, resistant marble has cold colour tones with delicate hues ranging from sky-blue to gray, due to its graphite content. Besides being one of the smoothest, most homogeneous white marbles, Lasa marble is also…

Martell Valley Granite

Martell Valley granite is a glistening gray stone with blueish shades, originating from the mountainous area of the Ortler Alps glaciers. The major components of granite are feldspar, quartz and mica: feldspar makes the stone easier to work, quartz gives it hardness and white mica furnishes it with its distinctive shine.

Gneiss / Passeier Valley

Gneiss / Passeier Valley

Silver gneiss from the Passeier Valley is extracted in blocks from the Passeier stream bed and a quarry near this waterway. This much-loved silvery, glistening South Tyrolean natural stone, renowned for its qualities, is distinguished by its distinctive, bright colour.