False acacia

False acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia)

False acacia wood can come in different colours, very often characterised by greenish or golden brown glints, silky matte brightness and an often irregular grain. Boasting a medium-to-fine texture, this wood is characterised by great durability.


The wood of the Swiss stone pine tree boasts a colouring that varies from yellowish to rosy brown. Wood never stops growing, and growing behaviour varies depending on the position and tree species. To leave nature unspoiled for the future, we must guarantee sustainable forestry. What is more, by gathering lumber, which we do ourselves…

Martell Valley Granite

Martell Valley granite is a glistening gray stone with blueish shades, originating from the mountainous area of the Ortler Alps glaciers. The major components of granite are feldspar, quartz and mica: feldspar makes the stone easier to work, quartz gives it hardness and white mica furnishes it with its distinctive shine.

Gneiss / Passeier Valley

Gneiss / Passeier Valley

Silver gneiss from the Passeier Valley is extracted in blocks from the Passeier stream bed and a quarry near this waterway. This much-loved silvery, glistening South Tyrolean natural stone, renowned for its qualities, is distinguished by its distinctive, bright colour.